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Delegate votes in primaries can be ‘super important,’ party leader says

But how are they selected? It’s complicated, and is different for state Democrats, Republicans

Capitol News Illinois

Printed in the 1/23/2020 issue of the Hardin County Independent

In presidential primary elections, it’s all about the delegates.
Delegates are the chosen representatives that attend each party’s nominating convention and give their support to a specified candidate.
A Democratic candidate this year will need 1,990 of 3,979 pledged delegates at the party’s national convention to receive the nomination on the first ballot, while any subsequent ballots will require 2,376 of all 4,750 delegate votes.
Republicans require a majority of the party’s 2,551 delegates to win the nomination.
Illinois will send 184 Democratic delegates and an estimated 67 Republican delegates to the parties’ respective conventions. Of those, 101 Democratic delegates and 54 Republican delegates will be decided in the state’s primary elections on Tuesday, March 17.
In Illinois, delegate candidates submit their names to the Illinois State Board of Elections and must also declare their support for a presidential candidate in that process. Per each party’s rules, the delegates are bound to support the candidates they pledge themselves to unless the candidate drops out of the race.
On the ballot, voters will see the delegate’s name along with the candidate they have pledged their support to, but the parties each have a different process for how the delegates are allocated.

The Democratic Process –

The Democratic National Committee revamped its delegate allocation rules after the 2016 elections by centering the nominating process on the pledged delegates whose votes are earned in the primaries.
Of the 184 delegates Illinois will send to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee from July 13-16, 155 will be pledged delegates allotted based on primary votes. All candidates receiving at least 15 percent of the vote are eligible for these delegates.
The pledged delegates are broken down into three groups: 101 chosen at the congressional district level in the primaries; 20 “pledged party leaders and elected officials,” or PLEOs, such as mayors and state lawmakers; and 34 at-large delegates. The latter two groups are chosen by the district-level delegates after the primaries. There are also 13 alternate at-large delegates chosen after the primaries.
The other 29 are automatic delegates, including the state’s Democratic members of Congress, former President Barack Obama, members of the DNC and others. They are free to support candidates independent of the popular vote in the state.
They will only come into play, however, if no candidate has the requisite amount of pledged delegates on the convention’s first ballot.
While the automatic delegates, commonly referred to as “superdelegates,” played a larger role in years past, Mary Morrissey, executive director of the Democratic Party of Illinois, said this election represents a change in the party’s philosophy.
“So nowhere in the delegate selection plan that we had to submit to the Democratic National Committee, you will not find superdelegates anywhere in there,” she said. “The closest you get to a superdelegate are the automatic delegates. And those are individuals who become delegates by virtue of their elected party or elected office.”
The 101 district-level delegates are split between the state’s 18 Congressional districts based on the Democratic voter turnout in the previous two presidential elections and the most recent gubernatorial election.
The districts will each send between three and eight delegates to the convention, with Democratic stronghold Districts 1, 7 and 9 receiving eight delegates each and the more conservative District 15 receiving three.
On their ballot, voters in March can choose up to the number of delegates their district sends to the convention. If a candidate earns a delegate by popular vote but does not have one on the ballot, the party can name a delegate after the primaries.
Once it is determined how many delegates a candidate will receive in a given district, the pledged delegates for those candidates will be selected to the convention based on their total votes received and their gender breakdown — each state must send an equal number of male and female delegates to the convention per party rules.
Once those 101 delegates at the district level are selected, they will choose the 20 PLEO delegates, 34 at-large delegates and 13 alternates in April. Those delegates will be allotted to candidates based on the statewide popular vote in the March primary.
“Normally the presidential campaigns kind of orchestrate who they want selected for those positions, they kind of come in with a slate of at-large delegates,” Morrissey said.
Morrissey said seeing a delegate’s name on the ballot, along with the candidate they are pledged to, could prove beneficial for an undecided voter.
“If you can’t decide between these three presidential candidates, but you see that individuals that you trust – whether they be party leaders or elected officials or advocates – are running as delegates for a certain presidential candidate, you can somewhat rely upon people will give more weight to them people will give more weight to them,” she said.

The Republican Process –

The GOP has two different types of delegates – those elected and those chosen by the party at large. There are 54 elected delegates – three per congressional district – and between 10 and 15 at-large delegates each year. Each of those delegates also has an alternate chosen in the same manner.
While other candidates could have circulated petitions to be placed on the ballot, this year, all 54 delegates on the ballot will be supporting incumbent President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled for Aug. 24-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s by design said Anthony Sarros, the Illinois GOP’s executive director.
“So how we did it this year was, we worked with the Trump campaign, we collected information of anybody who was interested in being a delegate,” Sarros said. “And from there, the Trump campaign selected the three delegates and alternate delegates that they wanted running in those districts.”
While it’s Trump’s party this year, Sarros said in a contested year, winning delegates is often more important than a statewide popular vote win.
“It’s extremely important because these are the folks that are nominating the GOP nominee for president,” he said. “If one person wins the statewide primary and another person wins the majority of delegates, I would see it almost as more of a win for that person who gets more delegates because they are closer to their goal of becoming the nominee for president.”
At-large delegates are chosen at the Illinois state Republican Party convention, which will take place in Peoria from June 11-13 this year, by a committee consisting of one member per each Congressional district.
Sarros said he expects the party to choose 12 of those delegates, as determined by a calculation of the Republican National Committee. The state’s three RNC members – state GOP Chairman Tim Schneider, Illinois national committeeman Richard Porter and national committeewoman Demetra DeMonte – are also de facto delegates to the convention, Sarros said.
The at-large delegates and RNC members are bound to the popular vote winner of the state primary, Sarros said.

Republican Delegates

While there are three candidates for president on the Republican primary ballot, only President Donald Trump will have delegates on the ballot this year.

The other presidential candidates include John Schiess of Rich Lake, Wisconsin, and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente of San Diego, California.

1st District
Lori Yokoyama, Chicago
Audrey Tancos, Oak Forest
Kevin Suggs, Tinley Park

2nd District
Judy Diekelman, Thornton
Jayne Raef, Bourbonnais
Nicholas Africano, Bourbonnais

3rd District
Keith Pekau, Orland Park
Jesus Solorio, Chicago
Cynthia Nelson Katsenes, Orland Park

4th District
Julian Aguilar, Chicago
Dorothy Hathaway, North Riverside
Anayanzi Mendez, Cicero

5th District
Vince Kolber, Chicago
David Di Santi, Chicago
Anthony Beckman, Harwood Heights

6th District
Aaron Del Mar, Palatine
Patrice Ronczkowski, Hawthorn Woods
William Merchantz, Hinsdale

7th District
Mark Hoty, River Forest
Eloise Gerson, Chicago
Adrian Wright, Chicago

8th District
Joseph Folisi, Schaumburg
Anthony Iosco, Elk Grove Village
Nick Peric, Bloomingdale

9th District
Charlene Foss-Eggemann, Park Ridge
Kenneth Jochum, Arlington Heights
Susan Sweeney, Park Ridge

10th District
Cindy Good, Lake Forest
Jennifer Neubauer, Lake Forest
Mark Shaw, Lake Forest

11th District
Roger Claar, Bolingbrook
Michelle Smith, Plainfield
Raquel Mitchell, Bolingbrook

12th District
Thomas McRae, Bethalto
Gloria Campos, Murphysboro
Barbara Viviano, O’Fallon

13th District
Martin Davis, Taylorville
Susan Gant Reynolds, Mt. Zion
Maria Vasquez, Urbana

14th District
Laura Pollastrini, Hampshire
Nicole Prater, Warrenville
Charles “Chuck” Wheeler, McHenry

15th District
Thomas “Chapin” Rose, Mahomet
Rhonda Belford, Rosiclare
Susan Petty, Effingham

16th District
John Cabello, Machesney Park
Jan Klaas, Cherry Valley

17th District
Andrew Chesney, Freeport
Jan Weber, Geneseo
Colby Hathaway, Oquawka

18th District
Darin LaHood, Peoria
Sally Bomke, Springfield
Kathryn Sparrow, West Point

Democratic Delegates

Several candidates for president will appear on the Democratic ballot this year, even though some of the names have already dropped out of the race.
Not all candidates that remain in the race have full delegate slates on the ballot, either. Should a candidate win a delegate but not have one on the ballot in that district, the party has a process for naming a delegate at a later time.
The Democratic presidential candidates appearing on the ballot are: Sen. Amy J. Klobuchar of Minnesota; former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick; Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont; former Vice Pres. Joseph R. Biden; former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren; former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg; hedge fund manager Tom Steyer; entrepreneur Andrew Yang; Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado; former U.S. Rep. from Maryland, John K. Delaney; U.S. Rep. from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard; and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey.
Only Klobuchar, Sanders, Biden, Warren, Buttigieg and Yang field delegates in any of the state’s 18 Congressional districts, and only Biden, Sanders and Warren have delegates in all districts.
1st District: 4 females, 4 males

John Hart, Chicago; Myra Hart, Chicago; Norene Shader, Orland Park

Preston Brown Jr., Chicago; Evajamania Brown, Chicago; Linda Hudson, Chicago; Jeanette Taylor, Chicago; Maria R. Bell, Chicago; Naomi Davis, Chicago; Patricia L. Guinn, Chicago; Robert Peters, Chicago; Rodney Gipson, Chicago; Raheem Uqdah, Chicago; Larry Gilman, New Lenox

Darren Fuller, Chicago; Carol Horton, Chicago; Ben Silvian, Chicago; Laura Sieh, Chicago

Michelle A. Harris, Chicago; Roderick T. Sawyer, Chicago; Ertharin Cousin, Chicago; Robert “Bob” Rita, Blue Island; Andrea Zopp, Chicago; Timothy Wright III, Chicago; Deborah Lane, Chicago; Kouri C. Marshall, Chicago

Chakena Sims, Chicago; Allen Louis Linton II, Chicago; Grace Chan Mckibben, Chicago; William E.
Hall, Chicago; Shelley Davis, Chicago; Nicholas “Nick” Shields, Chicago; Rebecca Zorach, Chicago;
Devlin Joseph Schoop, Chicago


2nd District: 4 males, 3 females

Micaela G.Smith, Lansing; Kristal Hudson-Davis, Olympia Fields

Aisha El-Amin, Homewood; Maureen Forte, East Hazel Crest; Sukari Campbell, South Holland; Abdul Malik Mujahid, Hazel Crest; John Willard, Bonfield; Kenneth Franklin, South Holland; Lyle C. Evans Jr., Park Forest

Kenneth Henderson, Harvey; Sanovia Reynolds-Parks, Richton Park; Juan Juarez, Chicago;
Paula Wilson, University Park; Reggie Greenwood, Flossmoor; Monique Williams, Harvey;
Kyle Summers, University Park

Emily Higgs, Chicago; Randall Krause-Vinson, Bourbonnais; Sherry Newquist, Steger; Alfred
Saucedo, Chicago

Debbie Meyers-Martin, Olympia Fields; Vernard Alsberry, Hazelcrest; Michael W. Sith, Bourbonnais;
Sheila Chalmers-Currin, Matteson; Lamar C. Brown, Chicago; Marrice Coverson, Chicago;
Cory Thames, Chicago

André J. Washington, Chicago; Hope Zawaski, Homewood; Al Riley, Olympia Fields;
Cleopatra Watson, Chicago; Jaylin McClinton, Chicago; Amanda Jo Greep, Homewood;
David Bonner, Matteson


3rd District: 3 males, 3 females

Amalia Dejesus, Chicago; Deliah Odeh, Oak Lawn; Maureen Sullivan, Chicago; Daniel Guzman, Oak Lawn; Jose Requena, Chicago; Kyle Killacky, Homer Glen

Neel Jhobalia, Chicago; Brian Pioppo, Alsip; Kate Wu, Chicago

Kathleen “Kathy” Shaevel, Berwyn; Adam Flores, Chicago; Angela Robertson, Chicago;
Jose Luis Torrez, Chicago; Tammy Georgiou, Palos Hills; Christian D. Perry, Palos Heights;

Patrick Daley Thompson, Chicago; Donna Hughes, Palos Heights; Kyle R. Hastings, Orland Hills;
Lynn Barker, Chicago Ridge; Kevin E. O’Gorman, Chicago; Adriana D. Olson, Chicago

4th District: 2 males 3 females

Alma Anaya, Chicago; Melissa Rubio, Chicago; Shana East, Chicago; Byron Sigcho-Lopez, Chicago;
Colin Bird-Martinez, Chicago

Jesus Ayala Jr., Chicago; Bridget Flynn, Chicago; Melissa Strube, Chicago

Peter Gariepy, Chicago

Sophia Olazaba, Chicago; Will Guzzardi, Chicago; Venu Gupta, Chicago; Omar Aquino, Chicago;
Abby Witt, Chicago

Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Hillside; Claudia P. Rodriguez, Chicago; Juan Jose Gonzalez, Chicago; Angelica Alfaro, Chicago

5th District: 4 males, 3 females

Eduardo Fernandez de Garayalde Gonzalez, Chicago; Ross D. Secler, Chicago; Colette Holt, Chicago; Denise K. Marx, Chicago; Ryan O’Donnell, Chicago; David A. Zulkey, Chicago

Rio Diaz, Chicago; Diana Helt, Chicago; David Jacobson, Chicago; Kevin Johnson, Elmhurst;
Brad Lippitz, Chicago; Jonathan Pizer, Chicago; Amanda Penabad, Chicago; Lee Greenhouse, Chicago

Matthew Martin, Chicago; Andrea McPike, Chicago; Zach Koutsky, Chicago; Kaitlin “Kady” McFadden, Chicago; Michael Negron, Chicago; Eileen Dordek, Chicago; Carter Harms, Chicago

Patrick O’Connor, Chicago; Mariyana T. Spyropoulos, Chicago; Christopher Taliaferro, Chicago;
Cynthia M. Santos, Chicago; Ethan Cox, Chicago; Lucy Moog, Chicago; Ryan Dunigan, Chicago

Abigail Schultz, Chicago; Mary Colleran, Chicago; Teri Gidwitz, Chicago; William Bianchi, Chicago;
Santos Moreno, Chicago; Patrick Mulchrone, Chicago; Dave Temkin, Chicago

Jared Zingsheim, Chicago; Amber Fudacz, Chicago; Patrick Maloney, Chicago; William Rudnick, Chicago; Vivien Joy Lamadrid, Chicago; Noah Brant, Chicago

6th District: 3 males, 3 females

Kyle Carlson, Downers Grove; Mike Zanillo, Kildeer; Kathryn Vlahos, Downers Grove;
Deanna (Dee) Darling, Cary; Terra Costa Howard, Glen Ellyn; Gerald Stapleton, Westmont

Cynthia Borbas, Carol Stream; Patrick Watson, Barrington; Margaret de la Rosa, Glen Ellyn;
Sik Son, Palatine; Erica Bray-Parker, Wheaton; Reid McCollum, Hinsdale

Lynn Casey-Maher, West Chicago; Elisa Devlin, Inverness; Shelia Rawat, Rolling Meadows;
Dan Bailey, Wheaton; Anthony Hinsberger, Naperville; George J. Kiebala, Rolling Meadows

Jeremy Dyson, Crystal Lake; Lisa Pocius, Downers Grove; Gabriel Edwards, Wheaton; Kimberly Woodson, Naperville

Christopher Espinoza, Downers Grove; Julian Morgen, Lisle; Maria Peterson, North Barrington; Nancy Shepherdson, Deer Park; Maryann Vazquez, Downers Grove; Brian Zheng, Naperville

Elizabeth Penesis, South Elgin; Brian J. McPartlin, Palatine; Sonia Desai Bhagwakar, Glen Ellyn;
David R. Andalcio, Hinsdale; Amanda Howland, Lake Zurich; Steven M. Shetsky, Crystal Lake

7th District: 4 male, 4 female

Barton Moy, Chicago; Gail M. Silver, Chicago; Joan L. Long, Chicago; Addison Woodward,
Chicago; Ann Henstrand, Oak Park; Jennifer Vincent, Chicago; Markayle Tolliver, Chicago;
Thomas A. “Tom” Ciavarella, Chicago

Claudia Moreno-Nunez, Berwyn; Julie Lehrman, Berwyn; Martese Luzette Chism, Chicago;
Ojus Khanolkar, Chicago; Dominique Coronel, Chicago; Miguel Bautista, Chicago; Ronald Lawless,
Chicago; Tim Thomas, Oak Park

Mary Ann Abbott, Chicago; David Hernandez, Chicago; Elizabeth Henricks, Oak Park; Steven Dyme, Chicago; Yvonne O’Connor, Chicago; Peter Wojda IV, Chicago; Rudyard “Rudy” Urian, Chicago;

Marty Castro, Oak Park; Eric Davis, Oak Park; Thomas Gary, Oak Park; Marla Izbicky, Chicago;
Amalia Mahoney, Chicago; Cristal Thomas Gary, Oak Park

Melissa Conyears-Ervin, Chicago; Pat Quinn, Chicago; Emma M. Mitts, Chicago; Brendan Reilly,
Chicago; Patricia Dowell, Chicago; Rory Hoskins, Forest Park; Barbara McGowan, Chicago;
Marcelino Garcia, Chicago

Brandon Johnson, Chicago; Jamie Brown, Chicago; Frederick “Fritz” Kaegi, Oak Park; Mony Ruiz Velasco, Oak Park; Marlon D. Harris, Chicago; Harlene Ellin, Chicago; Mihir Garud, Chicago; Benetta Mansfield, Chicago

8th District: 2 males, 3 females

Mohammed Mortoja, Glendale Heights; Joseph Wentzel, Hanover Park; Maria Vesey, Roselle

Adriana Barriga-Green, Elgin; Brenda Rodgers, Elgin; Colleen Lavigne, Buffalo Grove;
Gary Kleppe, Villa Park; Patrick Gordon, Elgin

Cristina Castro, Elgin; Nasir Jahangir, Elgin; Hanna Hyman, Schaumburg; Theodore “Ted” J. Mason,
Elk Grove Village; Anna Moeller, Elgin

Paul Fasse, Schaumburg; Bunheng Lai, Elgin

Kathleen Griffin, Schaumburg; Fred Crespo, Hoffman Estates; Nazneen Hashmi, Streamwood;
Demetrius Gibson, Hoffman Estates; B. Ivonne Hopkins, Elgin

Kevin Morrison, Mount Prospect; Matthew Steward, Schaumburg; Lynne Stornello, Elk Grove Village;
Matt Sutton, Villa Park

9th District: 4 males, 4 females

Jane Hannemann, Chicago; David Campbell, Evanston; Joe Shepherd, Arlington Heights;
John Fitzgerald, Chicago; Hope R. Green, Chicago; Catherine Marquis, Park Ridge; Christie Ann
Hefner, Chicago; Jacob (Jake) Riley, Chicago

Janice Berman-Krautwald, Morton Grove; John Lee Bingham, Evanston; Molly Bosi, Des Plaines;
Stuart Reid, Arlington Heights; Chase Rawlins, Chicago; Vasilios Stefanis, Niles

Daniel Biss, Evanston; Josina Morita, Skokie; Daniel J. Montgomery, Evanston; Kelly M. Cassidy,
Chicago; Ilya Sheyman, Evanston; Miguel Moreno, Chicago; Leo Smith, Chicago; Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, Chicago

Christopher J. Dunn, Wilmette; Jill Wine-Banks, Evanston; David Y. Ko, Skokie; Aurora Austriaco,
Park Ridge; Martin Moylan, Des Plaines; Marcia Blumenthal Fields, Winnetka

Steve Hagerty, Evanston; Markus Pitchford, Evanston; Kostas Poulakidas, Winnetka;
Greg Schweizer, Chicago; Debra Shore, Evanston

Carolyn Townsend, Arlington Heights; Cortney Ritsema, Chicago; Margaret “Meg” Welch, Evanston;
Michelle L. Oxman, Evanston; Amarzaya Makhbal, Des Plaines; Anub Abraham, Skokie; Michael J.
Harrington, Chicago; Ryan Mcintyre, Chicago

10th District: 3 males, 2 females

Arun Pookote, Buffalo Grove; Patricia A. (Pat) Bamford, North Chicago; Kari Arouca, Lake Forest;
Lawrence (Larry) Feder, Highland Park; Jonathan Swann, Libertyville

Philip Arouca, Lake Forest; Zachary El Ghatit, Libertyville; Elliott Hartstein, Northbrook; Holly Kim, Mudelein; Paul Law, Round Lake

Esteban Carbajal, Highwood; Dulce Ortiz, Waukegan; Daniel Didech, Buffalo Grove; Melinda Bush,
Grayslake; Marc Jones, Waukegan

Jeanne Marie Dauray, Round Lake; Geri Wasserman, Northbrook; Adam Broad, Buffalo Grove;
Andres Carrasco, Lake Villa; Brian Dupuis, Lake Bluff;

Ann Sunny Elengical, Park Ridge; Brian Shields, Glenview

Julie Morrison, Lake Forest; Jonathan Carroll, Northbrook; Syerra Cunningham, Waukegan; Victor Shi, Buffalo Grove; Thomas Maillard, Mundelein

11th District: 2 males, 3 females

Jeffrey Crowell, Naperville; Carol Di Cola, Downers Grove; Louise M. Miller, Aurora; Nancy L. Staszak, Woodridge

Krystal Garcia Centeno, Romeoville; Maggie Wunderly, Aurora; Mary Anne Cummings, Aurora;
Casildo “Casey” Cuevas, Aurora; Richard Rodriguez, Plainfield

Alex Arroyo, Aurora; John Atkinson, Burr Ridge; Julia Beckman, Darien; Tom Braxton, Bolingbrook;
Stephanie Kifowit, Oswego

Ruthmony Hong Brininger, Romeoville; Donald Ishmael, Aurora; Jing Yuan Ma, Burr Ridge;
Michael De Asis, Woodridge

Diane Hewitt, Lisle; Clint V. Brown, Aurora; Brigette Fiday, Joliet; David Gloria, Joliet; Kily Malden Adams, Aurora

Emmanuel S. Llamas, Aurora; Georgina Poole, Aurora; Ken Harris, Bolingbrook; Marjorie Logman, Aurora; Lauren Staley Ferry, Joliet

12th District: 2 males, 3 females

Linda York, Belleville; Barbara Brumfield, Fairview Heights;

Phillip Matthews, Cairo; Kerry Warren-Couch, Mascoutah; Andrew Lopinot, O’fallon; Elizabeth Hunter, Carbondale; Christopher Baker, Waterloo

Georgia L. De La Garza, Carbondale; Lynne Schwartzhoff, Belleville; Ken Sharkey, Fairview Heights;
Matt Welser, Granite City; Nathaniel M. Keener, Alton

Allan Blessing, Murphysboro

Latoya Greenwood, East St. Louis; Jay Hoffman, Swansea; Sherry Tite, East Alton;
Chris Belt, Cahokia; John Gulley, Benton

13th District: 2 males, 3 females

Carol McClaine, Champaign; John Bergee, Champaign; Anne M. Heiles, Urbana;
Carl Ernest Kasten, Carlinville

Carol Ammons, Urbana; Jenn Carrillo, Bloomington; Pamella Gronemeyer, Glen Carbon;
Allan M. Axelrod, Urbana; Brian Wilens, Champaign

Teresa Brennan, Urbana; Gabriela Romero, Champaign; Khaled Messai, Urbana

Michelle Paul, Springfield; Michael Frerichs, Champaign; Emma Todd, Springfield; Craig Colbrook, Springfield; Lisa M. Stanley, Decatur

Sue Scherer, Decatur; Chuck Napier, Litchfield; Ellen Schanzle-Haskins, Springfield; Mark Robert Maddock, Champaign; Ada Owens, Decatur

14th District: 3 males, 2 females

Nicholas (Nick) Daggers, Aurora; Maury Goodman, Warrenville; Nancy Glissman, Huntley; Mary
Mahady, McHenry

Michael Leone, Lindenhurst; Sandra Enriquez, Lake Villa; Randall Lawrence, Huntley

Harry Benton, Plainfield; Anthony Magliari, Newark; Lauren Wagner, Spring Grove;

Mark Guethle, North Aurora; Miriam Smith, Crystal Lake; Marc Poulos, Naperville; Tracee Steele,
Naperville; Jimmy Chau, Bolingbrook

David Lowitzki, Crystal Lake; Gwyn Ciesla, Aurora; Mark Pietrowski Jr., Cortland; Angela Price, North Aurora; Stephen Bruesewitz, St. Charles

Alison Squires, Sugar Grove; Katharine Cuneo, Batavia; Andrew G. McKay, McHenry; Luis Eric Aguilar, Crystal Lake; Nathaniel A. Birr, Cortland

15th District: 1 male, 2 females

Amanda Benefiel, Marshall; Germaine Light, Danville; Mitchell Esslinger, Strasburg

Cynthia E. Cunningham, St. Joseph; Samuel Reiss, Sidney; Rachel Smith-Bolton, Mahomet

Natalie Phelps Finnie, Elizabethtown; Patrick H. Scates, Carmi; Vivian Robinson, Harrisburg

16th District: 2males, 2 females

James K. Riley, Gardner; Angie Bodine, Poplar Grove; Carolyn Moore, La Salle; Charles Gentert, Lostant

Timothy Bradley, Coal City; John Reis, Fairbury; Michael Soto, Franklin Grove

Joan Garnier, DeKalb; Justine Trout, Loda; Art Bardsley, Loves Park; JJ Wett, DeKalb

Elizabeth Lindquist, Roscoe; John Gedney, Belvidere; Elaine Pannell, Rochelle Courtney “Court” Schuett, Waterman

Steve Stadelman, Caledonia; Wendy Lafauce, Belvidere; Ashwin Puri, Rockford; Amy Sipovic Boyles, Ottawa

Elsa Von Huben, Machesney Park; Edward Caputo, Rockford; Quinton Rosser, Minooka; Jason Rockford, Ottawa

17th District: 2 males, 3 females

Jennifer Marie Anderson, Galesburg; Andrew Cooper, Galesburg; Michael Dean Anderson, Sr., Galesburg; Mikayla Diane Anderson, Galesburg

Laura Hepp Kessel, Canton; Ora Palmer, Rockford; Jeffrey D. Deppe, East Moline; Pam Davidson, Galesburg; Phil Salzer, Peoria

Sangeetha Rayapati, Moline; Michael W. Halpin, Rock Island; Sue Ann Kortkamp, Pekin; Gregg C. Johnson, East Moline; Kimberly S. Thrush, Bishop Hill

Christine Winick, Galesburg; Georgia Dreyer, Winnebago; Mary Gibson, Rock Island; Doug Johnson, Peoria; General Parker, Peoria

18th District: 2 males, 2 females

Kim Kelley, Morton; Ambra Haake, Groveland; Lawrence (Larry) Ruemmler, Quincy; Kathleen Clark Kimmel, Hopewell

Erin C. Brown, Pekin; Kelsey Harms, Bloomington; Andrew Spiro, Springfield; Emiliano Vera,

Jodi Brown, Manito; Laura Cordell, Peoria

Patrick Cortesi, Bloomington; Jennifer Fray, Pittsfield

Billy Halstead, Peoria; Liz Brown-Reeves, Springfield; Jay Briney, Havana; Cherri A. Montgomery,

Bryen Johnson, Springfield; Jill Blair, Bloomington; Ben Isabel, Springfield; Radiance Campbell, Normal

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