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Coffee Girls decorate Elizabethtown for Independence Day

The Elizabethtown Coffee Girls were at it again last week, beautifying Elizabethtown with Independence Day decorations and flowers. Pictured are Carol Conkrite, Candy Carr, Eula Mae Milligan, Donna Mau and Alicia Basil.
The Coffee Girls meet each Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. at Town and Country Restaurant for good conversation and friendship. Though the group members have changed through the years, their meeting place has continued to be at the restaurant. Eula Mae said the cooks and waitresses know her order by heart.
The Coffee Girls change out decorations and flowers each season or holiday to brighten Elizabethtown, year round. Group members normally fund the flowers, decor, and materials themselves, but recently they received a generous donation from the Village of Elizabethtown for $500. They also have recently received a donation from an individual.
Eula Mae said that the donations will help them continue to make the town look nice. They try to make the flowers last as long as possible by keeping them clean. Eula Mae recently brought some of the flowers home and washed them in her sink. She laid them out to dry on towels in her floor. She said it was a lot of work, but worth it.

Fireworks at Elizabethtown will be held Saturday, July 6th on the Riverfront!

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