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Storm siren now in service ; First siren test set for January 2

Submitted by Rocky Goolsby, Rosiclare Commissioner


The Mayor and City Board of Rosiclare are proud to announce to the citizens of Rosiclare that an emergency and storm siren is now in service for the safety of the city and the surrounding community. The siren was purchased through a grant program from the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. Rural Development area specialist Michael McKee, along with Michelle Laskowski, were invaluable in helping the Rosiclare City Board throughout the process that began approximately June 2022.
Mike Brown, Sales and Project Manager, and Richie Mills, Radio Electronics Technician for Roy Walker Communications, were instrumental in the proper selection and placement of the project. The siren is located on Fourth and Short streets in the parking lot of the Rosiclare First Baptist Church. The board is thankful for the easement that allowed for the placement of the siren. The Rosiclare First Baptist Church, as well as the First Apostolic Church of Rosiclare are FEMA approved emergency shelters for the city.
The emergency and storm siren is FEMA approved and is for storm and emergencies only. The siren is a “WHELEN VORTEXR2” and is powered by a solar panel and two batteries. The siren will be activated remotely by VHF radios when the National Weather Service notifies either the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, the Rosiclare Police Department, the Rosiclare Fire Department, or Rosiclare City Hall of a tornado warning or some other pertinent emergency.
The emergency siren must be tested at least monthly and no less than quarterly. This is to insure it is working properly. The city has chosen to test the siren monthly, which will be the first Tuesday of every month. The first test will take place on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at 10:30 a.m.
The City of Rosiclare placed a Public Notice in this week’s Hardin County Independent (page 5) to help alert the public ahead of time, as it will sound for approximately three minutes during the test. The City will also post notices at the City Hall and businesses throughout town prior to any test.
The Mayor and City Board are asking Rosiclare citizens to be patient during the test dates as they familiarize themselves with the new system. Please be aware that if the siren should sound at times other that test dates, residents should consider that the warning is possibly a real emergency. Citizens should act accordingly and remember that the siren is for their safety and protection.


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