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Dutton Chapel Road on Shawnee National Forest closed

Attention attendees of the 9-Day Trail Ride and other visitors to the One Horse Gap Lake area. Dutton Chapel Road just east of Lusk Road is still closed due to a damaged low water crossing structure through a stream. Do not take vehicles, let alone horse trailers, down this section of road. There is a high risk of damage to vehicle and trailer or of getting stuck at the crossing.
Visitors to the 9-Day Trail Ride site should access the site via Lusk Road from Highway 146. Alternatively, the area can be accessed by taking Raum Road to the west end of Dutton Chapel Road and then turning north onto Lusk Road.
We apologize for this inconvenience. Repair of the low water crossing is scheduled to begin in early August, but it will not be complete before to the end of the 9-Day.

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