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Rosiclare Fire Department honored Kole German for saving his home from fire

Rosiclare Fire Chief Andy Atkinson presented Kole German with a certificate and t-shirt from the Rosiclare Fire Department for his quick action saving his home from a fire earlier this month.  Pictured above, l-r: RFD Chaplain Greg Love, Kole German, RFD Chief Andy Atkinson, and RFD fireman Mike Burton.

By Jennifer Lane, Editor

On Wednesday, February 1, the Rosiclare Fire Department was toned out to a structure fire on McLean Street in Rosiclare. The fire was in a small outdoor building in close proximity to Becky German’s home where she and five of her kids live.
Kole German, age 13, was one of the young boys who lives there. He was sledding nearby and noticed that his dog and her pups were making a lot more noise than usual, essentially like they were calling out for help. Their pen was attached to a building with access to the inside. When Kole walked over to investigate, he saw smoke coming from the back of the building. Kole notified his mom who was inside their home. They rushed out and saw that there was indeed a fire in the building by that time with large flames. They got the animals to a safe location and began to spray their garden hose to put out the fire. A bystander notified the fire department.
Because Kole was observant and took action, the Rosiclare volunteer firemen were able to arrive quickly and get the fire out with only minor damage to the building. The mother dog and pups survived too.
“Because we were notified so quickly we were able to put the fire out with only minor damage to the building,” said Rosiclare Fire Chaplain Greg Love. “If it had been allowed to burn much longer it would have undoubtedly caught their house on fire where Kole’s parents and siblings live.
Some of the fire fighters thought that Kole deserved recognition for being observant and reacting quickly. One of them called Kole a hero.
“Kole always helps me out,” said his mother Becky. “I’m very proud of him and I appreciate all he does for our family.”
The cause of the fire was likely due to a heat lamp in the dog house. The hay that was being used for bedding caught fire and burned a hole through the wall.
One of the best things good citizens can do is to be aware of his or her surroundings,” said Rosiclare Fire Chief Andy Atkinson. “If something doesn’t seem right, report it to someone in authority.”
On Monday, February 13, Fire Chief Andy Atkinson, Fire Chaplain Greg Love, and fireman Michael Burton with the Rosiclare Fire Department told Kole’s story to a cafeteria full of his peers during lunch. They commended him on his quick action that saved his home. They honored Kole with a certificate and a t-shirt from the fire department for being a vigilant member of his community. The back of the t-shirt said “Not all heroes wear capes.”
Kole said he has learned from this situation on how important it is to watch his surroundings and look out for others.
Kole is the son of Ronald and Becky German.


Published in the Hardin County Independent February 16, 2023.


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