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Obituary of Judith Elaine Milligan

Judith Elaine Milligan (Baugher, Sternberg, Whitmire) was born on March 13, 1948, in the town of Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. To many of us, she was also known as Judy, JuJu, Jude, Auntie, Grandma, Mimi, Mom, Mama, Mother and Jasmine The Desert Diva. She was from a huge family that valued humor and wit and was the 12th child out of 13.
Like many in Southern Illinois, she grew up playing outside in nature with her siblings. She didn’t shy away from riding a goat, catching bugs, and even the occasional racer snake on the way to school.
Her parents moved the family to Harrisburg, IL. There she attended high school, where she would meet her future husband, Charles W. Baugher Jr. of Eldorado, IL. The high school coaches said, “Chuck” was able to keep his eye on the ball and one of the best linebackers they ever saw, yet she sure caught his eye that one fateful weekend night at the skating rink. It wasn’t soon afterward the young couple, deeply in love, both snuck away to get married in Shawneetown, IL in 1965.
Judy and Chuck went on to have four children of their own that are now a bit spread out, yet still close; Charles Alan Baugher, of Wentzville, MO; Debra Elaine Baugher of Richmond, VA; Jeffrey Paul and Genevieve Baugher of Aiken, SC and Jonathan Eric Baugher of Berlin, Germany.
While Jude managed raising those four children and helping get her husband off to work early in the morning, she attended college at Southeastern Illinois College (SIC) in Harrisburg, IL. Eventually, she received her Registered Nurse degree in 1981, with honors.
Jude joked that she must have had some Gypsy blood in her and could deal with change when that’s what was required. Life happens and after her and Chuck parted ways after 18 years of marriage, she moved onto many places such as Paducah, KY, Orlando and Lake Mary, FL, Johnston City, TN, Richmond, VA, and Wentzville, MO. I’m sure we’re missing a few places in-between.
True to herself, she loved to explore and learn, and made it a point to keep doing so. Her kids will tell you, “Mother was very bright, witty, optimistic, loving, determined, and a bit feisty.”
She worked hard, pulling night shifts as a nurse. She worked on the terminal ward at Humana Hospital in Orlando, where she was indeed an angel to many in their final hours. It took a toll on Judith doing the work as she was a person with a lot of empathy, yet she learned to cope. Judith kept going with her career and made some changes and eventually made her way up to manager at the Visiting Nursing Association in Orlando. Yes, we’re proud of Jude’s accomplishments.
After years of working hard, she met William “Bill” Sternberg in Orlando, FL, whom she would later marry in 1994. Mom gave up her career and took a chance to open a new chapter in her life. After a few years, Bill eventually ended his career with a dinner cruise ship he ran with Jude running the gift shop. They were indeed two peas in a pod and were married almost 19 years.
They both took to traveling that covered parts of Europe, the other side of the globe in New Zealand, and every state in the lower 48 via RV. By their side most of the time was their trusty companion Betsy, a Boston Terrier. Bill preceded Judy in passing only a short time ago.
Jasmine had an interest in Middle Eastern culture and especially belly dancing. As she saw the benefits of the meditation and exercise, it led her to start a group with her ever-growing gaggle of friends. They would perform for free at events, and as her daughter will proudly tell you, “She had the hips to do it!”. Reading was also her thing as she would devour book after book. Her granddaughters would play dress-up with Mimi. She loved root beer and corn dogs. She felt at home near any water whether it be ocean, lake, or river leading her to build her dream house with Bill on a lake in Tennessee. The years of working night shifts (and probably some genetics) had turned her into a night owl as she would get her “second wind” at 1:00 a.m. and would stay up working on genealogy. She helped create and administer the Facebook group for “You know you’re from Cave-In-Rock if” with her amateur genealogist daughter.
JuJu gave love one last try with Terri Whitmire, who was kind and loving towards her when she needed it the most. They made a home together for six years.
JuJu is survived by all of her children and 11 grandchildren: (Alan & Tina’s) Katie, Elisabeth, and Brian from Wentzville, MO; (Debra and Andrew Pegalis’) Brooklyn and Beckett Pegalis from Richmond, VA, (Jeff & Shannon’s) Paula (Joseph Roaden) and Joseph Alan Baugher from Portland, OR; (Jon & Kerstin’s) Kiera Baugher from Heiligenhaus, Germany; (Shannon & Michael Hennessey) Michael, Washington, DC and William, USAF Germany; (Iryna Baugher) Mark Paliakou from Minsk, Belarus.
Survived by her siblings: Helen “Sissy” (John d.1985) Balnis, Chicago, IL; Myretta Mills, Cave-In-Rock, IL; Thelma Jean Dent, Naperville, IL; Bethel Gaylord (Ada d.2020) Milligan, Harrisburg, IL; Jerry Lewis Milligan, Harrisburg, IL, Gloria (Don d.2002) Webb, Paducah, KY.
Survived by her former husband, Charles (Debbie) Baugher, Seymour, TN; special former daughter-in-laws, Shannon (Michael) Hennessey, Grovetown, GA and Kerstin Baugher, Willich, Germany; and a special former son-in-law, Andrew Pegalis, Richmond, VA.
Judy was preceded in death by her parents, Arthur Floyd Milligan Sr. d.1989 (born a Millikan in 1896 and changed to Milligan in the first half of the 20th century) and Ruby Sally Simmons Milligan d.1997. Arthur was previously married to Etta May Hufsey Milligan d.1931. Judy’s siblings Arthur F Milligan Jr. d.1945, William “Billy” (Lavinia d.1996) Milligan d.1990, Charles “Jackie” (Mary d.2006) Milligan 2020, James “Jimmy” Milligan d.2014, Zona Faye (Lloyd d.2012) Judge d.2008, Joey Ray (newborn) Milligan d.1949. Her former husband William “Bill” Sternberg d.2020.
Judith was cremated according to her wishes. A memorial service will be held at Cave Mission for Christ, 130 N. Canal Street, Cave-In-Rock on Saturday, September 12, 2020, with her nephew Joe Mills officiating. All are invited and, as we all know, a mask is supposed to be worn during this unfortunate time.
More than anything Judith loved to laugh and loved the ironic humor of “The Far Side” and Monty Python. We will remember Judith as a person who lived a full life until August 31, 2020. We know that she is still collecting fairies, belly dancing with purple glitter, and laughter.
You are truly missed.


  1. Alan Baugher on September 8, 2020 at 3:30 pm

    My mother lived with me for the last year, and she was a joy.
    We would share coffee in the mornings, and sit outside in the warm summer weather to watch her puppy plan in a pool. She was always interesting and would share stories of her childhood.

  2. Pat Haynes (Sissy's daughter) on September 12, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Auntie Judy was like our older sister than a Auntie. We have many good memories of her. She was fun to be around and would talk to us. And sometimes yell at us when we drove her crazy… Lol. Especially when she started to see boys. Lol 💔 She will be missed by all of us 💔💔🙏🙏🙏 She’s with the family in heaven now and that gives me peace in my heart. So sooo sorry she is no longer here, but what a wonderful life she had!! Just gone too soon. I feel for all of you. My sympathy goes out to all of you 😔😢Love and Peace and prayers to all of you.

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