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Over $17,000 raised at Relay for Life of Hardin County

Friday, September 13, 2019, fifteen Relay for Life teams came together to put on a very successful 17th annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life event of Hardin County. In 2003, after participating in Relay for Life events in Saline County, the late Donna Winters spearheaded the movement to have a Relay for Life held for Pope and Hardin counties.
Over the past few years, volunteer/team interest has dwindled. Due to the lack of volunteers, the event was not held in June as usual. The planning team held a meeting mid-summer to see whether or not the Relay should continue. They decided to try it one more year and then continue on if it went well.
Barb Lampert volunteered to be a team recruiter. She went around the community and very enthusiastically signed up teams. Barb lost her sister to cancer 15 years ago and she felt inspired to rally the community with her sister’s memory as her inspiration. She met her personal goal of getting 20 teams to sign up, however some weren’t able to participate in the end.
The 15 teams that participated were: Banterra Bank, Court House Chics, Family Counseling Center, Freedom House of Worship, Good Hope Church, Hardin County Democrats, Hardin County Independent, Hardin County Republicans, Hardin County Sheriff Department, Hardin County Teachers, IL Central School Bus, Potters Church, Team Bethany, Team Cougars, and USPS Delivering Results For Life.
The event was well attended and more teams participated Friday night than they had in over a decade. $17,528.55 was counted that evening when accounting closed for the night, however there are still funds that will be counted toward the final total. Event coordinator Todd Carr said he expects the final total to be over $23,000!
A wrap up meeting – potluck will be held at the First Apostolic Church fellowship hall on Monday, October 28, 4:45 p.m., for all who can attend. Planning for 2020 Relay for Life will begin at that meeting.

Total raised for the night 17,265? $17,528.55
Total from Dessert Auction: 580? $580
Total from Silent Auction: Never heard $1,473
Total Teams registered and names: I had 13, but I think another one came in later?
15 teams
Banterra Bank
Court House Chics
Family Counseling Center
Freedom House of Worship
Good Hope Church
Hardin County Democrats
Hardin County Independent
Hardin County Republicans
Hardin County Sheriff Department
Hardin County Teachers
IL Central School Bus
Potters Church
Team Bethany
Team Cougars
USPS Delivering Results For Life

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