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Cave In Rock celebrates Zip Code Day

The village of Cave In Rock celebrated Zip Code Day on Saturday, June 29. Zip Code Day happens once a century when the date, such as 6-29-19 matches the zip code.
Residents of Cave In Rock, past and present were invited to visit the post office on Main Street from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. to commemorate the day. Lori Pennell said their was a good turn out for the special day. She said they had more than 30 people show up.
“We had several people come in early and some requested the “date stamper” which was pretty cool.” said Lori.
Pens and small flags were given out to all customers who visited the office. Plenty of refreshments and drinks were available also. Lori made dozens of homemade cookies and baked a cake. Clara Tolbert made a strawberry angel food cake. Postmaster Tim Wood brought doughnuts and cupcakes.
Lori said the mail truck ran late that day which made it hard to process the mail and visit with the customers. She said she did leave the doors open until almost 11 a.m. since it was a special day. Lori’s mother-in-law, Donna Pennell, came in to help and took pictures for her.

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