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OUT OF THE PAST – Aug. 17, 1961

Reprinted from the August 17, 1961
Hardin County Independent

Front page headline —
On a world wide basis, Mexico was first in fluorspar production during 1960 with 400,000 tons, nearly all of which was exported to the United States.
Next in line was the United States with a production of 230,000 tons, followed by Italy with 170,000 tons, and West Germany with a production of 135,000 tons took fourth place; France produced 132,000 tons with very little of it coming into this country. Spain produced 1290,000 tons — nearly all of it exported to this country. The United Kingdom produced 110,000 tons — practically all of which was consumed internally.
The Western World’s production in 1960 was 735,000 tons and more than half of it was produced by Mexico.
Editor’s Note – The front page banner of the Hardin County Independent in 1961 touted “the newspaper of the District producing 90 per cent of the Fluorspar of the United States.”
PUBLIC ENDORSES NEW DAM AT MOUND CITY. Will have no effect on pool stage here. The new high-lift dam, proposed to be constructed between Grand Chain and north of the mouth of the Old Cache River on the Ohio river, will have no effect on the pool stages in this vicinity, according to data released by the Corps of Army Engineers at the public meeting held in Paducah Tuesday night. The new proposed dam will replace dams 53 and 52, and is a part of the program to modernize the canalization of the Ohio River.
ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Paddock, Jr., Evansville, Ind., announce the engagement of their daughter, Rosemary Dawn to Gene M. Lloyd, son… read more here


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