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Spivey and Oxford, first Hardin County High School students to graduate college before high school

–Kelsi Love photo

Some students find it a struggle to get up each morning and navigate their way through four years of high school, but that wasn’t the case for Brody Oxford and Jett Spivey. They completed high school and earned Associate’s degrees at the same time. Both being Hardin County High School seniors, graduated from Southeastern Illinois College with Associate of Arts Degrees last Friday, May 11. That date marks exactly one week before they graduate from Hardin County High School this Friday night! Oxford and Spivey are the first Hardin County High School students to achieve this accomplishment.
Oxford and Spivey began the Early College Program the summer after their freshman year. Both decided to try it out after hearing positive experiences from upperclassmen. Neither had thought about actually obtaining their degree by the time high school was over, but that thought became more tangible later when the college credits began to add up. Spivey admitted he didn’t know he was close until last semester when Kelsi Love from SIC informed him.
Currently, high school students residing in the Southeastern Illinois College district, who have completed their freshman year of high school and met other eligibility requirements, can apply. Eligible students receive a

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