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Out of the Past; Thurs., July 1, 1954

Reprinted from the Hardin County Independent
Thursday, July 1, 1954

ROSICLARE COMPANY TO SELL ITS HOUSES. The Rosiclare Lead and Fluorspar Mining Company, Rosiclare, met yesterday with its supervisory personnel with J. Blecheisen, President, and A. H. Cronk, General Manager, at the main office of the mining company, at which meeting the status of the mining company was reviewed for the benefit of its supervisory personnel. A report was made on the flooding of the hard ground ore to the soft ground ore where the water will be retained by pumping operations. All company houses are to be sold promptly with present occupants given first option on the houses, Blecheisen said. Teh city electrical distribvution system is to be sold promptly with first option given to the City of Rosiclare. The steps to sell the company houses and the electrical distribution system will be carried on most assiduously so that their liquidation can be effected without any further delay, he said. The fluorspar market is still bad, it was reported, and for the present the company will engage only in milling operations, from time to time, to fill existing orders. When and if the situationm becomes clearer, and the resident officials of the company have further information, it is intended to meet with the supervisory personnel again to keep them informed as to the company’s intentions.

Front page articles —
New District Now Has Assessed Valuation of $1,981,765
The county board of school trustees of Hardin county granted, Monday night, the petition of residents of St. John School district, to be annexed to Shewmaker school district.
Earlier this year, the district formerly known as Baugher had been annexed to Shewmaker district.
At Monday night’s meeting, no objections to the annexation of St. John to Shewmaker were voiced. Lowell Grounds and Kenneth Dutton, school directors of Shewmaker, inquired if St. John school district was in debt.
Henry and Arlie Leonberger, directors of St. John replied that the only amount not paid was for electrical energy.
$375 in School Funds–
A financial report of St. Johns district was produced by County Superintendent of Schools Raymond Foster, which showed that St. John had in its treasuyry $5.17 educational funds, and #\$375 school funds.
At the meeting, Grounds announced that Shewmaker had purchased a school bus with a capacity of 36, hwich will be delivered in time for school next fall.
To Cost $4,000 —
He explained that the directors of Shewmaker hope to obtain from what remained in the funds of Baugher and St. John, and from the sale of the school buildings of these two schools, enough to pay for the bus, costing about $4,000.
Front page — 28 OF 32 VOTES FOR FREE BOOKS. More Votes at Stone Church Than Elsewhere. Furnishing of free textbooks in schools of the Rosiclare Community High School district, starting in September, carried in the election Tuesday. There were 32 votes cast. Of these, 28 were for free textbooks, 4 against. Cross Roads, Corinth, Sycamore, Union, school district residents were to vote at Stone Church. Thirteen votes were cast. In Elizabethtown, 9 votes were cast, all for free textbooks. In Rosiclare, 10 voted. These are books for high school pupils.
IN THE SERVICE. Robert Wiley Lavender, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lavender, Christopher, grandson of Wiley Lavender, Elizabethtown, was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Army at the University of Illinois, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Douglas, Cave-in-Rock, have learned from their son, T. H., who is in Alaska, that he has recently been promoted to the rank of Corporal. He is well and       click here to read more…



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