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OUT OF THE PAST Reprinted from the Hardin County Independent, Thursday, June 29, 1961

Sometime last Sunday afternoon while Milton Lewis, Jr. was not guarding MGM’s movie set on his farm northeast of Cave-in-Rock on the Ohio river, thieves carried off numerous items that had been left there by the movie makers.
Mrs. Lewis told the Independent the following items were missing: three tents, two old stools, one old chair, one keg, three wooden cages (for birds or small animals), some wooden buckets with lids, a wooden tub, several old buffalo hides, a big coffee pot, two holly trees set in buckets, a gas stove and small oven out of the cabin nearby, and some lumber. She also stated the refrigerator in the cabin had been loaded on a pair of hand trucks as if it was to be taken, but was left behind.
When the theft was discovered, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis moved the iron kettles and pots that were also left behind to their home for safe-keeping.
Lewis reported the thefts to Sheriff Oren Gross who made an investigation. Sheriff Gross said he had absolutely no clues as to who the thieves were. Lewis stated he believed the thieves had carried the goods away by boat, because he had kept the gate on the only road into the area locked.
MGM has continued to lease the set area from Lewis even though they have not used it for two weeks. The movie makers had filmed some scenes of “How the West Was Won” there. Lewis said he had not been hired to guard the set full time but that he had been watching over it.
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ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Volkert of Midway and Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Humm and family of the Wye visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Humm Sunday. Mrs. Thelma Reed visited Martha Reed and children Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Lyndale Rose and children visited Mrs. Lotta Bayne Monday. Omer Volkert, Evansville, was visiting his mother and brother, Mrs. Agnes and Mark Volkert near St. Joseph, Sunday.Mrs. Alberta Holbrook, Mrs. Linda Cox, and Gwynn David Holbrook shopped in Paducah Wednesday.Mrs. Clifford Baylous and children, Charles Otto and Gwendolyn Joyce, left Wednesday last week after visiting with Mrs. Belle Holbrook and other relatives here. The children stopped at Kankakee for a visit with their father, Harvey Joyce, and Mrs. Baylous returned to her home in Waukegan.
BIRTHS. Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Smith, Cave-in-Rock, are announcing the birth of a son, Dennis Deneen, on June 28th. The baby weighed 7 Lb. 12 O…. READ MORE

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