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Frances Brown celebrates 102nd birthday; Receives over 190 birthday cards

Frances Brown celebrated yet another milestone birthday last Wednesday, March 6. Frances turned 102 years old! She enjoyed the day at her home in Rosiclare with her son, Joe, and other friends who stopped by throughout the day.
A chocolate cake with the numbering “102” was baked by Chris Williams. Specially designed cookies with lavender and white icing were made by Shelley Hayes.
In addition to the sweet treats, Frances received multiple arrangements of flowers, pizza, balloons, gifts, phone calls, and over 190 birthday cards! Frances plans to open a few cards each day, so she can thoroughly enjoy each one of them. It seems that she will be opening cards well into next month.
When asked how she made it to the age of 102, Frances humorously said, “Well, I didn’t die!” She also added that she survived all of those …. To read more click here

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