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Out of the Past July 20, 1967

Front page article —
The change was effective in April when the city election was held. However, Commissioners of the various departments were not selected until Monday night, July 17. City Attorney James G. Gullett was present at the meeting and advised the Councilmen to agree among themselves on who would head each department. This is the procedure set out in the Illinois Revised Statutes. Attorney Gullett also gave the Commissioners photo copies of the duties of each department head as they are designated for the city of Charleston, Ill. He explained these copies are to be used as a guide. At the next meeting the Commissioners and Attorney Gullett will determine the powers and duties of each Commissioner and draw up a skeleton ordinance for Attorney Gullett to complete. Many of the Commissioners’ duties are set out in the State Statute and these can not be changed. Another chore facing the Commissioners is the codification of the city ordinances. Some will have to be repealed, new ones may be needed, and others will need to be combined, according to Attorney Gullett. Five department heads or Commissioners are required by law. They are (1) Public Affairs (2) Accounts and Finances; (3) Streets and Public Improvements; (4) Public Health and Safety, and (5) Public Property.
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MISS SHAWNEE HILLS BEAUTY PAGEANT IS SATURDAY NIGHT. Twenty-three young ladies are in competition; five are from county. Five young ladies from Hardin County will compete for the title of “Miss Shawnee Hills” next Saturday night in the annual Miss Shawnee Hills Beauty Pageant sponsored by the Egyptian Shrine Club of Harrisburg-Eldorado, at the opening of the Saline County Fair. Contestants from the county are Miss Candy Joiner, Cave-in-Rock; Miss Sandy Auystin, Rosiclare; Mrs. Carolyn Kumorek, Elizabethtown, Miss Phyllis McDowell, Cave-in-Rock, and Miss Cathie Blair of Cave-in-Rock. Twenty-three young ladies between the ages of 16 and 20 from Saline, Gallatin, Hardin and Pope Counties will participate. Each is sponsored by a merchant from the four counties. Trophies will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners and a fourth trophy will be awarded to the contestant selected by the girls themselves as “Miss Congeniality.”
Front page article —
BROTHERS MEET IN THAILAND. (picture) Airman Second Class Barry G. Bascom (left) and Sergeant Weldon Bascom (right), sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ulys G. Bascom of Cave-in-Rock met recently in Thailand. Both are in the Air Force. They met for about two hours at Udon Air Base. They had not seen each other for 20 months. Barry has been home on leave. He is to ...To continue reading, click here

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