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Lydia Seiner signs to play golf with Bethel University Wildcats

Hardin County High School senior Lydia Seiner signed a letter of intent January 14, 2019 to play college level golf with the Bethel University Wildcats in McKenzie, TN. Lydia will receive a $12,000 per year (4 year max) scholarship. In addition to her golf scholarship, Lydia will also be awarded an extra $6,000 per year since her high school GPA was above 3.8 on a 4.0 scale. Making good grades pays off! She plans to attend Bethel in the fall of 2019.
Lydia began golfing just two years ago during the summer of 2017. Lydia said that she was bored and wanted something extra to do. She had tried softball and decided she was definitely not a cheerleader, so she wanted to give golf a try.
Lydia had never golfed before, but her dad and brother-in-law played, and so did her brother Luke. She humorously said, “If Luke can do it, anyone can.”
Since she had no experience, Lydia began visiting the Hardin County Golf Course in Cave In Rock that summer where Micky Walker worked with her and taught her techniques of the sport. Lydia said, “I spent all summer out there. I wanted to be ready for the golf team at the beginning of the new school year.” Her step-dad Derek spent a lot of time playing golf with her that summer, too.
When school began her junior year, Lydia joined the Hardin County Cougars Golf team. She was the only girl, but Lydia didn’t mind because she was friends with the boys on the team. Her first year went well and she decided she would play again her senior year.
Last summer, Lydia began working at the Hardin County Golf Course. She did the basic work each day – getting the golf carts out, working the cash register,

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